Handmade and hand poured Soy wax melts gift set box. Funny gift for any occasion


Once Upon A Time soy wax melts

Thank you so much for looking at our Once Upon A Time shop. By supporting our small business, you’re helping to support our dream. You’re not only buying an item, you’re buying a piece of our heart.

We hope you love our products as much as we loved making them for you.

Please select your fragrance in the drop down box before checkout.
Please note the Wax melt burners and candles are not included.

All of our products are made with 100% soy wax which means that they do not give off black smoke when burning unlike the regular paraffin wax.

Our wax melts are all vegan friendly and cruelty free. We do not use any artificial colours or glitter in our wax melts as we believe they should be pure. Glitter and colouring can also damage and discolour your oil burner. All of our products are CLP compliant and are all labelled individually with the relevant safety instructions.

Each 50g snap bar has around 50 hours burn time per full 5 piece bar.

How to use – Place 1 or 2 snapped off melts into your wax burner. When you can no longer smell the fragrance, it is time to replace your wax. Each section should last up to 10 hours but some can last longer. Each snap bar is loaded with the maximum fragrance load allowed. This is to give the strongest scent available. Some scents will be stronger than others depending on the fragrance. Once Upon A Time wax melts are hand poured and handmade with love so some imperfections may occur. They may also chip or break in transit due to their nature but this is will in no way affect their quality or performance.

About Us

Our wax melts are handmade and hand poured by us in the heart of Derbyshire.

We have always been obsessed with wax melts and a big part of making our house a home is the fragrance. However, we struggled to find any wax melts that we were satisfied with. We found that most of them lost their scent after the first burn, meaning it was becoming very expensive to keep our home smelling fragrant!

We were naturally curious and after some research we began making our own wax melts. Following months of trial and error (and mess) we are now very happy with the finished product.

Lots of hard work has gone into making our wax melts but mainly a lot of love and laughter. We look forward to sharing our wax melts with you! We hope that you love them as much as we do.


• Always use a burner designed for wax melts.

• Check your burner regularly for hairline cracks or chips before use. Never use burners with cracks or chips as this can be a fire hazard.

• Use 1 regular sized unscented tealight in your burner and do not add water.

• Always keep out of reach of children and pets at all times.

• Always keep in sight when burning. Never leave a lit tealight unattended.

• Keep away from draughts.

• Always pay attention to the safety information on the packaging.

• Always keep your burner on a stable and heatproof surface away from fire hazards.

• Remove all packaging before placing wax in your burner.

• Use a suitable amount of wax for the size of your wax burner. Do not overfill.

• Do not attempt to move your wax burner while burning.

• Wash your hands after handling the wax melts in case of skin irritation.

• Do not eat or consume the wax melts. These are not edible and must not be swallowed.

• Once Upon A Time Wax Melts products are used at your own risk. Please ensure you follow all the safety advice above when using our products. We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused as result of the misuse of our products.

Negative Feedback.

As any company, we do not want to receive any negative feedback and there should be no reason why you should feel the need to leave negative feedback – Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and we accept that everyone’s sense of smell is not always the same. Should you feel that you are not happy with your product or you have had a negative experience please contact us to attempt to resolve the matter prior to you leaving negative feedback. We are always more than happy to help resolve any issues you may have.

Negative feedback is harmful to our business and is very hurtful when the products are made with such love and care.

Thank you for viewing our products, we welcome your custom and trust that you will enjoy them just as much as we have enjoyed making them.

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